cooking homemade meals

Cooking Tips & Tools

Here are a few items that I love to use while cooking:

Analon Advanced Cookware - It is so easy to clean and cooks evenly. I just got a new 11 piece set for Christmas and has the perfect size pots and pans for any dish.

Cuisinart Knives - a must have is the 5" Santoku and 3.5" Parer

Cuisinart Hand Mixer

Stove Top Rice Steamer

Plastic Cutting Boards

Cavender's Greek Seasoning - I mention this seasoning in a lot of my recipes. You can find it at most grocery and specialty (e.g. Whole Foods) stores.

Did you know about these tips? Sure makes things easier!

• A good cook always cleans up as he or she is cooking. It makes the meal much more enjoyable, knowing there isn't as much cleaning to do after :).

• To keep your brownies and cookies fresh longer, place a piece of bread in the container with them. The moisture from the bread will go from the bread to your treats.


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