Dessert Recipes

Banana CupcakesBy NancyBanana Cupcakes recipe that is a dessert classic and sure to please your guests. Delight in this recipe for banana cupcakes.
Red Velvet CupcakesBy NancyRed Velvet Cupcakes recipe that is a pure treat for all dessert lovers. This recipe for red velvet cupcakes are accented by the sweet cream cheese frosting on top!
Peanut Butter Chocolate BarsBy NancyPeanut Butter Chocolate Bars recipe is a dessert that is combines the great tastes of graham cracker crumbs, Reese's morsels, and Nestle semi-sweet morsels. This recipe for peanut butter chocolate bars is delicious!
Oreo Stuffed CookiesBy NancyOreo Stuffed Cookies recipe puts this favorite chocolate cookie inside another! This recipe for oreo stuffed cookies is a creative dessert that is sure to please all who partake!
Neiman Marcus CookiesBy NancyNeiman Marcus Cookies recipe that produces 112 of these great tasting desserts! This recipe for Nieman Marcus cookies is sure to please any sweet dessert tooth!
Mini Pecan PiesBy NancyMini Pecan Pies are a bite-size dessert that consists of a cream cheese golden crust filled with a gooey pecan mixture. This recipe for Mini Pecan Pies is surprisingly easy to prepare and perfect to take to your holiday get-togethers.
Heath Bar DipBy NancyHeath Bar Dip recipe is a sweet treat to serve with your favorite fruits. This recipe for heath bar dip is fast and requires only a few ingredients!
Gooey Butter CakeBy NancyGooey Butter Cake recipe is a very sweet and satisfying dessert. This recipe for gooey butter cake is easy to make and take to your party or any other occasion!
Dirt PuddingBy NancyDirt recipe for this mouth-watering oreo and whipped topping dessert. It's easy, and this recipe for dirt makes for a great dessert at any party or dinner!
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